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Bolognese rods

Bolognese rods

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How to choose a suitable BOLOGNESE ROD

Bolognese rods, a versatile and specialized type of rod, are designed to meet the unique demands of float fishing, especially in freshwater river environments. Best suited for fixed float fishing where more distance and/or depth is required, such as rivers. The most characteristic technique of guiding the float in such places is "on the run", which is most easily achieved with Bolognese rods and allows the angler to have optimal control over the float and instant detection, even in stronger currents.

Crafted with precision, Bolognese rods feature an elongated design and long-legged guides to keep the line from sticking to the blank, which sets them apart from conventional rods. Typically ranging from 3.60m to 6.00m in length, these rods are longer than traditional options, offering increased reach and control over the swimmer's performance. Their extended length helps guide lines and keep them above the surface of the water, allowing for more natural drifts and increased bite detection.

Bolognese rods are designed with a blend of materials that prioritize sensitivity and responsiveness. High-quality carbon fiber (carbon) is often used, which achieves a balance between lightness and strength. This combination ensures that anglers can detect even the subtlest of dips or float movements, enhancing the overall fishing experience.

The versatility of bolognese sticks is another distinguishing feature. They are designed to accommodate a range of fishing techniques, including both still water and slow-moving river scenarios, making these rods adaptable to a variety of depths and current speeds.

Whether you're chasing stapler, barbel, bream, tench or other freshwater species, Bolognese rods offer an unparalleled level of control. Anglers can achieve precise casting and delicate presentations thanks to the fine-tuned balance and flexibility these rods provide.
In summary, Bolognese rods stand as a testament to the art and science of fishing tackle. Their elongated design, exceptional sensitivity and adaptability make them a prime choice for float anglers looking for the perfect combination of finesse and functionality in pursuit of freshwater catches.

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