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Rear drag

Rear drag

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Rear drag fishing reels are specialized reels that are designed for use in fishing activities. They are called "rear drag" because the reel advance system is located at the rear of the reel.

These reels are generally preferred by anglers looking for bigger fish or using heavier fishing techniques. One of the main advantages of reels is that they have a larger capacity spool, which allows a larger amount of fishing line to be wound. This is extremely useful when fishing for larger fish that can pull a large amount of line during the struggle.

Rear drag reels also offer more power and strength than front drag reels. They are generally larger and heavier than their front-end counterparts, giving them greater stability and durability. This makes them suitable for use in fishing techniques such as spinning, sea fishing or fishing with heavy rigs.

The rear drag of the spools is controlled using an adjuster located at the rear of the spool. This allows anglers to vary the load level of the lead during fishing when more or less line unwinding force is required.

The choice of a reel with a rear drag depends on the preferences of the fisherman and the types of fishing he does. These reels offer greater functionality and durability.

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