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Hard Lure Bait Max ANGRY GAR

Category: Topwater lures Brand: Bait Max SKU:
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Red Head


SF Grey back

White back

Zargana GF

Blue Marlin



Spanish Mackerel

Fly Fish

Zargana SF

Fly Fish SF

SF Black back

SF White back

Yellow Back SF

Red Back SF

Green Sardine Dots

Oringe Back SF

Zargan SF UV

Olive Sayori

Baracuda Green

Yellow Head

Marlin Green Gold

Orange Head

Zargan SF Pink Head

Barakuda Gold

Chartreuse-Orange Red Eye

UV Red Head Chartreuse Custom

Pink Back SF

Red Coral Head SF

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Product Version Features

Delivery toSKUColor
up to 14 days20636371SF Grey back
up to 14 days20636524White back
up to 14 days20635831Zargana GF
up to 14 days20635848Blue Marlin
up to 14 days20635855Chartreuse/Orange
up to 14 days20635862N/A
up to 14 days20635879Baracuda
up to 14 days20635886Spanish Mackerel
up to 14 days20635893Fly Fish
up to 14 days20636012Zargana SF
up to 14 days20636005Red Head
up to 14 days20636159Fly Fish SF
up to 14 days20636357SF Black back
up to 14 days20636364SF White back
up to 14 days20637729Yellow Back SF
up to 14 days20637712Red Back SF
up to 14 days20637224Green Sardine Dots
up to 14 days20637736Oringe Back SF
up to 14 days20638719N/A
up to 14 days20638719Zargan SF UV
up to 14 days20638696Olive Sayori
up to 14 days20638702Baracuda Green
up to 14 days20638795Yellow Head
up to 14 days20637606Marlin Green Gold
up to 14 days20639884Orange Head
up to 14 days20641696Zargan SF Pink Head
up to 14 days20641689Barakuda Gold
up to 14 days20641672Chartreuse-Orange Red Eye
up to 14 days20641740UV Red Head Chartreuse Custom
up to 14 days20643911Pink Back SF
up to 14 days20643928Red Coral Head SF

Angry Gar

Hard Lure Bait Max ANGRY GAR

Hard Lure Bait Max ANGRY GAR

€ 33.23 Make a Request
Old price: € 35.79
You save: € 2.56
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