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Hard Lure Bait Max HAMSIA

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up to 14 days20636258Fly Fish SF Black
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up to 14 days20637750Olive Sayori
up to 14 days20643720Red Head Yellow Tail SF
up to 14 days20643935UV Red Head Chartreuse Custom
up to 14 days20644161Orange Back SF Yellow Red Eye
up to 14 days20644178Orange Back SF Yellow Black Eye
up to 14 days20644185Rainbow SF Dot Blue Eye blue green silver pink
up to 14 days20644147Yellow Back SF Orange Red Eye
up to 14 days20644154Yellow Back SF Black Eye

HAMSIA is the newest pencil lure , which imitates a ХАМСИЯ - a preferred pray for blue fish, sea bass, garik, dorado, tuna, amberjack and other sea predators. The lure is precise, stylish, handmade in Bulgaria! It is crafted specially for the needs of the Bulgarian fishermen who visit the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The lure is 13cm. long and weighs 18gr. The tests showed that it is much more effective than the established pencil lures. The shape is aerodynamic and it mimics a small fish swimming along the surface. The body is not entirely cylindrical, it has an ellipse shape from the bottom and it looks a bit like the bottom of a boat. This allows the lure to make strong direction changes, to hang in the water naturally and to cause vibrations during movement, which drives predators crazy. The head above the eyes is sharpened which gives a particular character to the lure. In addition to that the lures are masterfully hand-painted and come equipped with holographic surface, coated with 12 or more coats of sturdy ceramic wax, which protects the body from both the hook scrapes and from sharp teeth. The body is crafted from a particularly strong polyurethane, as the thickness, weighting and balancing of the lure are a product of two years of experimentation and testing. The same methods used in the creation of the renowned in Bulgaria Angry Gar, are now used in the HAMSIA.
Through the whole body there is a stainless steel skeleton, beginning from the nose of the lure through to the two ears for the hooks in the back. The tests that our team conducted showed us that this lure can be cast easily 60-70 meters and it flies great, even opposite the wind. When the weather is quiet and there are not too many waves it can be reeled with the rod pointing up and with a rhythmic pull from the wrist while pulling in the line with the reel as well as with a pointed down rod and twitching, similar to a classic lure. The second way to lead the lure is suitable for worse weather too. It works with a quick "panic" style as well.
Throughout the last year our team headed by Kaloyan Belopolski have caught many elite trophy fish, some among which weigh more than 7kg.
There are ongoing tests of smaller and larger variants of the lure which are very promising and will hopefully come to the market soon with more colors. Sadly due to the fact they are produced by hand the quantities are not large and it fails to keep up with demand at this stage. The producer went to great lengths to hone the lure to make them a staple in their category on the home front, and hopefully further.
We are an official distributor of the lures. Kaloyan Belopolski is a part of the team that tests the lures and personally recommends them for spinning both from the shore and from a boat. The price is not exactly low but it has to compensate for the effort it takes to produce one by hand with the quality that this lure has. In comparison to the big brand lures from Japan and Europe, they run for a much lower cost.
Hard Lure Bait Max HAMSIA

Hard Lure Bait Max HAMSIA

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