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Neo Pearl


Red Mullet


Waka Mullet

Ocean Bait

Pearl Chart

Prism Ivory

Mullet ND

Triglia ND

Hirame Pink II

Gold Sardine

Barracuda ND

Wrasse ND

Black Shad


Tiranga OB


Dark Phoenix

Purple Haze

Saddled Bream ND

Sardine II


Pink Gigo

Mazime Sardine

Green Gold Fusion

Pearl Chart II

Sardine Ultra


Clear Sayori RT

Triple Threat

Emerald Gleam PB

Purple Midnight

Inada Verde


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Product Version Features

Delivery toSKUColor
up to 14 daysJ 4525918081331Hirame Pink II
up to 14 daysJ 4525918049959Gold Sardine
up to 14 daysJ 4525918063726Barracuda ND
up to 14 daysJ 4525918015909Sardine
up to 14 daysJ 4525918070274Prism Ivory
up to 14 daysJ 4525918070304Waka Mullet
up to 14 daysJ 4525918015893Sayori
up to 14 daysJ 4525918049942Red Mullet
up to 14 daysJ 4525918015930Pearl Chart
up to 14 daysJ 4525918070281Wrasse ND
up to 14 daysJ 4525918050245Neo Pearl
up to 14 daysJ 4525918038946Black Shad
up to 14 daysJ 4525918063733Triglia ND
up to 14 daysJ 4525918074111Phoenix
up to 14 daysJ 4525918093402Tiranga OB
up to 14 daysJ 4525918093419Gigo
up to 14 daysJ 4525918093426Mullet ND
up to 14 daysJ 4525918074128Dark Phoenix
up to 14 daysJ 4525918093396Purple Haze
up to 14 daysJ 4525918093389Saddled Bream ND
up to 14 daysJ 4525918093433Sardine II
up to 14 daysJ 4525918074104Ocean Bait
up to 14 daysJ 4525918107192Hokkaido
up to 14 daysJ 4525918107185Pink Gigo
up to 14 daysJ 4525918107208Mazime Sardine
up to 14 daysJ 4525918107178Green Gold Fusion
up to 14 daysJ 4525918107215Pearl Chart II
up to 14 daysJ 4525918101497Clear Sayori RT
up to 14 daysJ 4525918121181Belone
up to 14 daysJ 4525918121174Sardine Ultra
up to 14 daysJ 4525918121167Triple Threat
up to 14 daysJ 4525918131241Emerald Gleam PB
up to 14 daysJ 4525918131265Purple Midnight
up to 14 daysJ 4525918131166Inada Verde
up to 14 daysJ 4525918131197Whitebait

This model is optimized to maximize the casting distance

Based on feedback from scores of anglers, we have fine-tuned this model for superb performance under very specific conditions. The excellent specific performance of the Tide-Minnow Advance Line comes at a slight cost to certain other performance characteristics. The Flyer 140 is a sinking model created based on the Tide-Minnow Slim 140 with special attention paid to its casting capabilities. By adapting the action response from the sophisticated original model, we have created a top of the line lure. Not only does the overwhelming castability give the angler an advantage in strong winds and the ability to explore hard to reach areas, but it is also a great entry model for beginners who are learning to cast.
Modification 1: Moving weight
We have changed the moving weight from steel balls to higher density tungsten balls. By doing so, we have extended the casting distance compared to the original model, which already had a reputation for its great castability. Use a powerful rod and you will be able to experience a distinct difference.
Modification 2: The Lip
With the increase in weight, the lip was redesigned to prevent a substantial change in the action response.
Modification 3: Action
Compared to the original model, this lure features a stronger “wobble & roll” action. A wider lip catches the water more, making the heavier body swim sufficiently in heavy conditions.
Weigth System:
The moving weights were changed from a 7.0mm tungsten ball + a 7.0mm steel ball to two 7.0mm tungsten balls.
A three piece structure:
The lure is manufactured from three separate pieces which are bonded together. This enabled us to use a thinner lip, creating the lure’s special action, while also increasing the strength of the lip.
A Wider Lip
The wider lip specially designed for the Flyer is pictured on the right. A wider lip area is required to effectively move the heavier body of the lure.


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